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Author(s): Snerf
Programming language: C#
Platform: Windows
Status: Active
License: Freeware
Latest release: 7.80

IceChat is an IRC client that first came out in 2002. The latest stable, or good version of IceChat is 7.80 that was made in 2014. There is brand new version being currently created, called IceChat 9, currently released as 9.0.

IceChat is free which means it does not cost any money to use.

The programming language IceChat 7 is coded in is Visual Basic, and IceChat 9 is coded in C#/Mono/.Net and is open source.

Please join and support our IRC Chat Network at port 6667, channel #icechat .

IceChat 9

IceChat 9 is currently in development. It is a total re-write of the client using C#.Net , which will allow it to be cross-platform friendly because of the Mono Framework.

  • The scripting engine has been removed, in place of a new Plugin based system.
  • Unicode Support
  • Built in SSL Support
  • Open Source[2]

IceChat 9 was fully released on September 25, 2014[3] IceChat 9 will allow windowed mode and tabbed mode.


  • VB Scripting Engine, as well as a basic MSL script engine.
  • Emoticons
  • Multiserver support, keeping seperate settings for each server
  • Custom popup menus for Console, Channels, Query's and the Nicklist
  • Themes